Coaching means helping people to help themselves

Coaching for your competence and self-efficacy

Together we will find opportunities for your continuous learning and growth, for your personal development. I am your process accelerator. With my personal coaching I help you to help yourself.

Mentaltraining und Coaching in Zürich - Miriam Singh

Where are you in your life?

Do you want to make a change and make a difference in your life? Would you like to become more aware of your resources? Are you facing a decision that you are not sure about and would like to find more clarity and determination? Would you like to set yourself new goals and start implementing them? Do you often have recurring conflicts that you would like to learn from? Are you in a challenging situation and no longer know where your head is at? Feeling stressed and don’t know what your next step is? Is your current topic valuable and important enough for you to want my support?

How I can support you with personal coaching

As a coach, I support you with measures tailored to your specific matter so that you regain more clarity and determination and become more capable of taking action. I help you to build self-confidence and adopt new perspectives so that you can go through life with more ease.

I will accompany you on your path to greater self-efficacy and guide you through the process so that you can fully engage with your challenges.

It goes without saying that all our discussions are treated with absolute confidentiality.

Let's work together on your topics.

My offer for you

I find it extremely exciting to support people who want to develop further. You and your personal development are the focus of my coaching. I am your personal coach and process accelerator and show you connections and dependencies. In this way, you can implement your next steps in everyday life in a sustainable way.

What are the benefits of my coaching?

How does coaching work?

The duration of a coaching session is 60 minutes. The number of hours depends on your topic and your needs. We look at all of this together in the initial consultation.

Coaching is possible online or on site.

Book a free location consultation

Where are you in your life and what are your issues? What are your goals, wishes or challenges and what would you like to achieve, move and implement? Which of your topics needs more clarity? I will be happy to support you and we will talk about your current situation and your wishes and issues during a 30-minute consultation. I look forward to getting to know you.

Mentaltraining und Coaching in Zürich - Miriam Singh